Workout Clothes Review #1

With so many choices popping up in athletic wear and with prices so high, it can be difficult to know what will be a good purchase. I know that I’ve struggled with athletic clothing purchase regret in the past, and from here on out, I want to share what I think of the products I’ve purchased. I’d love to hear your feedback as well.

Acai Activewear – Ironman Compression Leggings – 74 Pounds (or about $100 US Dollars)

Small – Red – Overall Score: 7.8

  • Fit: 8 – True to size, good length for someone 5’6” or shorter
  • Complimentary Shape: 7 – Good muscle definition through pants, but makes your butt look less round due to compression, no worries about that pesky camel toe.
  • Comfort: 6 – Ankle material likes to creep up, crotch seam sits weird from time to time
  • Material: 7 – A little more slick than I typically like, not super breathable, not see-through!
  • Style: 9 – Clean lines, bright color, very high waist line that fits well!
  • Movement: 10 – Super flexible material, best for weight lifting and yoga, too hot for running
  • Extras: Make me feel like a super hero, POCKET for phone!
  • Value for Cost: I usually never buy leggings for over $60 unless then are 10/10 on everything, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these. However, I got them for 75% off on Sweatcoin, and for $33 US Dollars, I’d say they are a good deal.


Lularoe – One Size Leggings – $25

One Size Fits All – Purple and Teal Striped and Light Blue and Green Arrows – Overall Score: 7.5

  • Fit: 7 – Because they are one size fits all, I find that the ankles tend to be a bit baggy for me, and I don’t think they would fit someone taller than 5’6”
  • Complimentary Shape: 6 – Good fit through the legs and glutes, however the waistband sits at an awkward height and can look weird with some shirts, minor camel toe if trying to pull the waist band higher.
  • Comfort: 9 – Super stretchy and soft material that is cozy
  • Material: 8 – While the material is super comfortable, it does not wick away moisture, which is why most people only wear these leggings for fashion, however, I like them for yoga. Not see-through!
  • Style: 7 – I have five pairs of lularoe leggings (only use 2 for yoga) and I love the patterns, but there are A LOT of ugly patterns out there and it can take awhile to sort through them.
  • Movement: 8 – Waist isn’t super tight so it can roll down in some positions.
  • Extras: One pair of my five leggings does fit less comfortably than the others, the waist is stretched out and they are a bit shorter. No idea why, but I think that’s the risk you run with one size fits all. Other than that, I love wearing these leggings anywhere.
  • Value for Cost: At $25 bucks, a legging that is super comfortable, not see-through, and comes in a TON of different patterns is a pretty good price.

Saucony – Type A (8th Edition) Racing Shoe – $90 on Amazon ($100 on Saucony’s website)

7.5 – Light Grey/Light Blue/Orange – Overall Score: 8.8

  • Fit: 9  – True to size, a bit narrow in width, but that is typical of Saucony
  • Comfort: 9 – While a natural running shoe (4mm differential between heel and toe) it is super comfortable to wear all day
  • Material: 8 – Super light weight, roomy, breathable toe box, usually wears through at the pinky toe first
  • Style: 10 – Super sleek looking, maybe my favorite look of any Saucony I’ve had so far, much better than the newer editions of the Kinvara, which are more bulky.
  • Color: 8 – I love this specific color combination, I’d give it a 10. It looks better in person that it does online. However, Saucony sometimes disappoints me with the female color choices. I don’t want just pinks and purples. They should do more oranges, blues, greens, etc.
  • Movement: 9 – Mainly for running, as it is a racing shoe. Due to it’s light-weight quality, they don’t last as long as other Saucony shoes, but that’s okay. Works good as an overall gym shoe too.
  • Extras: I like the more durable material they used for the tongue of the shoe, doesn’t slide around as much.
  • Value for Cost: Exercise shoes are one thing I do tend to spend more money on, so spending $90 on these doesn’t bother me because they are high quality and the most comfortable brand of running shoe I’ve ever owned. They will probably last me a year, and they look great and feel great.

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